Saturday, March 29, 2008

March Madness

I love March Madness. Have you ever had hives before? Maybe. Have you ever had hives and had a really great memory of the time you had it? I did, during spring break one year in college, I spent the entire week just watching college basketball with a loathsome case of the hives, and I loved every second of it. Carolina was not even in the tournament that year, but all of the games were just full of good basketball. I think this was 2002, so maybe it was the year Duke or Maryland won it all (I could google it, but I refuse to take the extra step tonight), and I really enjoyed the tournament. It was the first time I really spent some serious time watching college basketball that was not related to Carolina, and I only got into college basketball when I began attending Carolina in 2000. The tournament brings back so many great memories in my few short years of watching, UNC-W hitting a three at the buzzer to beat up Maryland, Felton hitting five threes in the championship game to win it all, and Iowa losing in the first round as 2 seed to god knows who. Of course I feel happier when Carolina is playing and playing well, but college basketball is akin to soccer in my heart as The Beautiful Game. The team play, the organization, the passion for the game, far exceed any other sport, professional or amateur. Only the Olympics comes close to approaching the gamesmanship of March Madness.

Keep on rocking college bball, keep the game real.

Day in the Bywater

I checked out the house I am looking at a little more intently today. This is the third time I looked at it, but this time I took some pictures (which I will post shortly). Re-examining the pictures is a little daunting, especially when you try to take pictures of everything you think is wrong with your subject. When I go back through all of the photos it really makes my idea of what I should offer drop dramatically. I am no Bob Villa when it comes to home improvement, but I feel a little concerned with the cost it will take to really get this place up to snuff. I really need to find out the exact square footage of the place as I have gotten two entirely different numbers from the agent. The agent is a little funny, its not that I don't trust him, its just that he is not the most reliable or "detail-oriented" person around, so I kind of need to really go my own way. I am going to find a lawyer next week to help me write up the offer contract and put a serious number in writing. We shall see...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Lets get it Started

Its time to get a little serious with this whole internet thing.