Sunday, January 11, 2009

Giants shoot another gift horse in the mouth...

So anyway, the Turkish currency just underwent a massive re-valuation.

Justin Tuck just went down grabbing his knee, not a good sign.

So the currency here is almost in line with the Euro, I am not really
sure how every country near here is undergoing some serious financial
crises while Turkey seems to have a job for everyone and food and beer
costs in line with the US.

G*****n it, the giants apply no pressure on third down and the eagles
complete a 20 yard ad-lib play, didnt they learn something watcjing
thr eagles abuse their preveny at the end of the first half?

I am sure some of that, maybe even a lot of that, has to do with the
weak dollar. It will only get more apparent later this year when all
this monetary policy expansion and "fiscal stimulus" actually makes
it's way through the system, but I digress.

Philly hit a field goal to retake the lead, the giants need to put 7
on the board if they want this game.

So yea, Istanbul is way more expensive than I suspected.

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