Friday, March 13, 2009

Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer

The last TV pundit that got into an on-air verbal brawl with Jon Stewart is now hosting his show on local public television. I don't think its a good idea to match words with one of the most lambastic (yea, I made that word up) personalities of our generation, but when it comes to being a rational decision-maker, I think the guy that beats a squeaky toy on a desk to announce his stock picks amidst a flurry of cheesy sirens and sound effects does not reign supreme. If you haven't followed this in the media or on The Daily Show itself here is a great summary from the Huffington Post, complete with ongoing Daily Show clips:
Stewart Vs Cramer

I have been a fan of the Daily Show since back in the Craig Kilborn days, but Jon Stewart has really taken it to a whole new level of intelligence and notoriety. The show itself has been a bastion of intelligent comedian talent, from the likes of Lewis Black, Stephen Colbert and Stephen Correll, amongst others. Watching Stewart is a joy and a pleasure.

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