Monday, June 1, 2009

Goodbye FEMA!

Free at last! Free at last!

Some jobs you would hate lose, but to this one I bid goodbye and good
riddens. Not that I despised my time there, but it is definitely time
to move on. I wish all of my friends and colleagues well, but I gotta
go. It's just a shame that my whole team also has to go. I was happy
to leave everything I've put my heart and soul into over the past four
years to capable hands, but now that whole team is gone I am not sure
how things are going to work out. Well FEMA is notorious for
mismanagement, and this is no exception, at least I was already
planning for this.

Katrina was a special lady, she tore people apart and brought people
together, she forged new paths and unmade old ones. She was a curse
and a blessing. She will not be forgotten.

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