Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Finally, a break, sort of

So I guess my last post was probably some random picture from a night
out or it was something about BBQ. Whatever it was it was too little
too long ago. The program I am in is quite intense, and if I miss
just a few minutes, let alone a full day, then I spend twice as long
trying to catch up. So enough complaining and let's get to a little

I am spending the week in New York City catching up with some family
and probably eating more pasta than an entire Italian village. I met
up with Don Ball on the way up here and found that he is starting his
own company around bringing people together and facilitating
conversations between leaders and intelligent people of all types. I
am not exactly sure how the money comes in, but he is a real pro-
active, quick-thinking type, and he has a lot of something I am still
working on - patience. So good luck to him, don't think he has a web
page going but here is a link to his Linked In profile:

Something about catching up with family is relaxing and a little tense
at the same time. You want to see everyone and spend time with
everyone, but it's not really possible. The time you do get however
is just like apple pie though, just comfortable sweet and warm.

Here's to family, pour one out for all of your aunts and uncles and
cousins for me.

One other note, after getting drunk almost everyday last week,
including a trip to Beerfest in Durham (I must have tried over 50
beers in one night), I am hanging it up for the rest of the month.
Sobertober, OcSober, whatever you want to call it, it's time for a

I will post some pics this weekend, maybe on facebook if I have enough.

-Marco Mascioli

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