Thursday, October 23, 2008

Writing with a Purpose

Purpose - isn't that what we are all striving for in life? That one shred of existence that permeates through all facets of our life, that piece of the world that just makes everything else worth doing. How does one find Purpose? How does one know that one has found Purpose? How does Purpose change and morph with the evolutions of our daily adventures?

I know I am being a little existential about all this, but someone asked me a question tonight, "What do you blog about?" and I didn't really have an answer other than "I just write and talk about shit." Of course she had a much better answer, but I was already too busy reeling from own ineptitude to prove my own validity to even listen to what she said. However, I know that she really was proud of what she blogged about. Which is kind of inspiring. I love meeting people that are doing exactly what they want to be doing. A friend of mine has had planes and dreams of Maverick and Goose since he was in the womb, and now he is flying with the Air Force (actually navigating, but still in the air) - which is awesome. Striving and pushing towards a goal is so simple and sweet. It just makes things easier when something specific needs to be accomplished and everything else can just take a backseat to it all. Let's go to the moon, or climb Mt. Everest, or fly across the English Channel on a jetpack, lets just do this one thing and make it awesome.

So anyway, I think it's time to narrow the focus of this blog and I am going to toss out some ideas about what I want to blog about. Hopefully I can figure out how to put up a poll so any passers-by can vote - just for fun at least. Feel free to post any ideas of your own, maybe you actually enjoy some of my rantings and ravings or maybe you just have s similar interest and you would like me to learn more about it for you.

I am all ears.


I can focus on specific companies - Apple, Google, RIM - or I can blog about software and or hardware issues. Programming using .Net or SQL Server are some of my top subjects, but I can learn more about Ajax or Linux or Android or Mac OS X or whatever if you are interested.

Living in Louisiana:
I spend a lot of time in Louisiana and it can be quite inspiring at times. I can also focus this topic down to New Orleans, Cajun food, swamps and outdoors, or housing and the local economy.

Cooking, eating, dining in, taking out, delivery, street food, beer and liquor, groceries and local markets, seafood, italian meals, budget meals, fast meals, grilling, tailgating, smoking, storage, travel foods, international cuisine, adventure foods, country, southern, creole, cajun...etc.

Finance and Economics
(Economics is one of my loves but I am so full of Panic 2008 coverage that I am ready to go Postal on anyone that mentions the words "crisis", "bailout", "derivative", "interest rate", or "stock market")

Life in General
Similar to what I am already doing, but maybe stepping it up a notch and turning this into an online diary. An interesting concept pioneered by one Melissa Carney (sp?) that could possibly bring us all to higher levels of self-actualization.

Any other suggestions?


Maria said...

Hi Marco,
I like your new Blog, It looks good.
I like the creativity, get more people interested and involved.

Keep it up!!

Elena said...

This is your blog. You created it for you and your friends to keep in touch. So write whatever makes you feel good and aspiring to others. I think it is awesome that you put together a page to write down thoughts and your opinions and it helps people get to know you a bit more then you think. All those ideas are amazing to write about. Your knowledge on the economy though might actually inspire others to listen and take your advice though. I voted for other though. Keep it real!!