Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Plan Z




How am I so good at missing flights that I show up early for?

No really, just today I have already missed TWO flights, although I
was at the airport 3 full hours before the first flight.



I shrugged off the first missed flight like a dust bunny, par for the
course, totally expected when I show up to the airport so early.

The second one was a complete surprise though, it takes real talent to
miss two flights in one day.

After missing the first, I decided I should at least try to get some
work done, which I did ever so dedicatedly. By the time my second
flight was drawing nigh I decided I should double check with the
flight board to mitigate any confusion. Lo and behold, confusion
reigns king when it's more than 60 minutes before my flight. I
confused it with a later flight and assumed my flight was delayed,
thus producing the inevitable outrageousness of A SECOND missed flight
in one day!

It's really ok, as long as I make this last flight to Orlando.
Totally inevitable and out of my hands at this point. I'll sit on the
boarding pass computer if I have to, but really I think the answer
lies within the fact that I began preparing for this flight within an
hour of departure.

I got his one.

I am all over it.

I hope.

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