Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Some ramblings from work...

My friend and I invented a new term - Legman - similar to Wingman, but in his words "the subtle difference of a leg man would be a dude that just latches onto the leg of his friend that has game and gets carried." The wingman cares not for his own glory, but the Legman is only out for himself.

Only in Louisiana is it cool for an employee to spend his morning frying chicken in the break room. (the smell is amazing)

I just heard the same argument for eating pecan pie as I have heard for people that smoke - it comes from a tree man, it has to be good for you.

I am not sure who is being less productive - the guy frying chicken or the guy reading the Ford Motor Company business plan submitted to congress for the last hour. Neither have anything to do with work at the office, but the chicken is at least going to feed other working people.

I think it is a really good sign if we have a green day in the stock market today, it would mean we are seeing some strong buying sentiment around the 800 S&P level. Buy in around there and you should look good for the long-run.

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