Saturday, April 12, 2008

Help yourself! at the Abita Brewery

I just found my new after-work activity, too bad its over an hour away. If I lived in the town of Abita, I know exactly what I would be doing every Tuesday and Thursday night after work and Saturday afternoons - I would tour the Abita factory. I guess the tour is not really all that important, and they might figure me out at some point when I just stopped going on the tours at all and just hung out by the taps. Have you ever heard of this? A "Help-Yourself" bar at a brewery? You just walk right behind the bar and start pouring your own beer for as long as you want. There is no limit. You can try a little bit of the Amber, you can pour a full glass of the Turbodog, decide you don't want something so strong, pour it out and fill up with the Select. You can pour yourself three cups of three different beers and do your own taste testing. I did all of this and more, good thing the lunch cafe's were only around the corner or it would have been a roller coaster of a ride back to Baton Rouge. The tour was cool, but it lasted a whole 12 minutes, meanwhile we spent over an hour just drinking behind the bar for free. Very awesome, highly recommended, 4 Stars!

Check out a few pictures here

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