Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Last Minute!

If you have spent any significant time with me, you know that I can't help but procrastinate like crazy before anything gets done. Its like a gun needs to go off every time something is due before I even get started. It's a plight of the absent-minded and the slightly overwhelmed, but only slightly.

So this whole China thing is approaching like a freight train (I know the freight train image is not the most comforting, but bear with me). I am running around still trying to secure my days off work, although I told them about this two months ago, I am trying to get all setup for the Jazz Fest (where Tim, Joel, Doug, my mom and maybe a few other special guests will make some appearances on the blog), I need to make some hotel reservations, I need to find a wedding gift for Phil, and I need to get a Visa just to get into the country. Apparently if I was going to Hong Kong I could get it all taken care of in that International City, but since I am going to Beijing my odds of creating an international incident just tripled.

So we finally get our shit together and send out all the Visa forms, apps, requisite passport photos (which I hope never appear as an identifying picture of me and my girlfriend on the news, because you will all be looking for two of most saddest stressed out people and will never actually find me), and I sent it all overnight to Houston for processing....then the train hits, I forgot to put the passports in the envelope! They need to see your current passports to issue the visa, so basically here goes another overnight delivery first thing tomorrow...As the chinese say...if you don't fuck with luck, then luck will fuck you.

or maybe I just made that up.

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