Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Does anyone really enjoy paying taxes? You should be shot.

Everyone is a Republican on April 15th.

Really though, its my first year as an independent contractor, so it will be only that much more painful come April 15th 2009. Maybe I feel a bit of relief that I only had to pay 3 zero's this year. So we went out to celebrate and had some sushi at Kona Grill. The Gator Roll was awesome, roasted peppers, cilantro, jalapeno and some fried gator - real tasty and original flavor.

Birthday is coming soon - still trying to figure out how to shake it down right. Jazz Fest weekend will bring it around pretty nicely.

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steve davis said...

hey dude!! Long time no chit chat! Looks like you are doin good, move from IBM to Hagerty and all, nice! anyways contact me when you get the chance, steve@nyctechsupport.com or look me up on linkedin.com

See you out there sometime.
Steve Davis