Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back in the office dealing with Gustav aftermath

So things are turning a little Mad Max around here since the power outage is so widespread. I have heard estimates between 100,000 and 2 million people still out of power. I know some of the parishes (you might call them counties) are still not even open to outsiders - Orleans opens tomorrow. The news is publishing some pretty hair reports of activity outside of a Walmart that hasn't even opened yet. Supposedly there are lines around the block and there are police reports of fights breaking out. Very few gas stations are open and we are running on generator power here at work. It was wild to see two huge tankards of gasoline drive up to the building yesterday after we were out of power for about two hours. There are tons of people sleeping on cots and showering here in the building. I worked about 14 hours yesterday and plan on just as hectic a day today. I would like to get some time to head home and clear out my fridge as I think things are going to start to fail in there pretty soon.

I had 4 ladies and 5 dogs spend the night at my house last night, you'd think I was running a Motel 6. Its kind of fun and crazy, but slightly tense.

Here is a picture of my baby with our lunch - MRE scrambled eggs with salsa verde.

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Tony said...

Damn. . . hope things get back towards normal soon. Perhaps you can convince someone to loot your fridge so you don't have to clean it out.