Monday, September 1, 2008

Some Aftermath pics

Still no power and there is apparently a curfew for Baton Rouge starting at 8PM. I got a chance to take the dogs for a walk and took some pics around the neighborhood. LOTS of debris and some trees entirely uprooted. The levees appear to have held around New Orleans and the other coastal zones, so national news seems to have dropped off. This was quite a doozy for Baton Rouge, worse than Katrina or Rita for this neighborhood.

Albeit, I don't believe I will be going anywhere tonight, I have no intention of challenging police officers for a chance to play chess at Jeff's house.

I am going to be opening my fridge in a few minutes and it needs to happen with surgical precision to preserve as much cool air as possible. Looks like burgers for dinner.

I will have to wait until my internet connection improves before getting more pics up.

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