Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gustav Slideshow

I put together a collection of images from my camera, my iPhone and Jeff's SLR to give my depiction of the events and the situation here over the past week. Getting power back is a gift from Jeebus, as there are still something like 100,000 families without power in Baton Rouge. There are some places they are not expecting to get back online for a couple more weeks.

Thats right - WEEKS!

So we are pretty fortunate, especially since the neighborhood two blocks over from me is in the 3 week zone.

Now that everyone is creeping out about Ike making Louisiana look worse than Tina Turner after some backtalk, I made sure to pick up some more pasta and start freezing gallons of water to keep my freezer cold. The Mad Max atmosphere is a little scary, but I have some faith in the human spirit so I am going to restrain from picking up a sawed-off shottie.

There are about 50 pics in the slideshow, I have some video but it really does not do the power of the storm any justice. I can let you check them out if you are interested. Click on the picture for more.

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